Client & content creator, we’ll build a bridge!

photo of a bridge (as metaphor for content marketing services)
© 2017 Didi Yunginger
Metaphorically speaking, content marketing services are the bridge between you and prospective clients and fans.

If you’ve spent any time on my website, or an introductory e-newsletter, or even my Twitter account where there are loads of great links to tips and trends on content marketing, you might thinking, “OK, but… ???

“You’re telling me this content marketing is important. You’re offering content marketing services and social media strategies to organizations like mine. But, how does it all connect? How would YOU write authoritatively on behalf of ME or my organization?”

The short answer is you, as the subject-matter expert, will relay important understanding to me. I, as the content creator, will absorb the details, synthesize the ideas, and put them into a purpose-driven package of words that is clear, concise and compelling. It’s at least one part detective work. Another part puzzle-mastery: putting it all together, one idea at a time, with attention to every word or phrase.


The truth is, I’ve been writing other people’s stories all my professional life.

  • As a newspaper and magazine writer who wrote profiles and human-interest articles, not just news.
  • As a corporate promotion writer where I was often the fingers on the keyboard creating the voice of the publisher, or the brand.
  • As a digital marketer for a small, special-interest business in which our content and communication was critical to positioning the company in the minds of customers and other industry leaders.

Literally, I’ve ghost written more pieces than I can count.

Content marketing services as the communications bridge!

We will collaborate to create a bridge between you, the expert, and potential customers or clients who are searching to solve a problem for which you hold the solutions. We’ll build that bridge using our mutual communication skills. As I say in my slogan, I’m “putting your ideas in the best light” – via my researching, listening, synthesizing and composing.

“So many times, Didi sat with me and listened and came back a day or two later with the most powerful statement of the ideas and goals I’d been expressing. Whether it was a letter to a ‘VIP’ customer or the outline for an ambitious white paper project. The transformation was amazing. And so immensely helpful.”

– Susan Wolper, President & CEO, Wolper Information Services

Making this transition happen is a process, and it goes like this:

We will meet (in-person, over the phone or Skype, depending on geography and availability), and you, the subject-matter expert, will bring me up to speed, generally, on what you do, your present market situation, and your goals. We’ll identify some basic topics and opportunities that could be built out into an overall content marketing plan. And when we’ve agreed on a particular topic and timing, for a particular kind of distribution and promotion, we’ll perform a “data transfer” by one of the following means:

  1. You’ll do a brain dump. I will take copious notes, asking questions along the way for clarification. I will come back with a draft that incorporates your expertise and ideas into a focused piece of content. (One or possibly more. Perhaps a package.)
  2. We can take a Q&A approach. On my own or collaborating with you, we’ll establish a set of questions. We’ll sit. I’ll ask, you’ll answer. I will capture your stream-of-consciousness response and play back to you a finished draft complete with important related keywords based on additional research I’ll do to find how real people are searching online for real answers about your products or services.
  3. I’ll edit existing materials: Once we’ve done an audit of your existing content assets, we may find that you have some internal documents that could be reformatted into valuable, relevant content for external distribution – via your blog, or a report, etc. We’ll discuss and I will take those documents and edit them into the appropriate word count, format, with a strategic eye on the composition for SEO purposes (i.e., making it findable once it’s posted online). I once transformed a multi-page, formal white paper into a 900-word “13 best reasons to use a…” kind of blog article. It became a highly trafficked page on that company’s website, no doubt introducing all kinds of new prospects to the brand and its offerings.


  • Consider that businesses and organizations don’t grow the same ways they once did. Yellow Pages ads. Conferences and trade shows. Do a quick search and you’ll see: anywhere from 89% to 94% of consumers and B2B buyers begin every important decision with online research.
  • Remember, this – content marketing + social media – is all for the purpose of broadening your reach and brand awareness, for accentuating your expertise, and building on your established (or new) reputation. So the message is important. The execution is critical.

If you have further questions about how you can utilize my content marketing services to build your brand and web presence, feel free to shoot me a message! No-obligation. Exploration is good!

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