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Creating timely and relevant content around your brand and promoting it various ways, including via social media, significantly boosts traffic to your website.

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More content, especially timely and relevant content, will make you findable to people interested in the products or services you offer – people beyond your existing circle of influence.

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Whether you’re creating unique content or curating relevant, authoritative third-party content for your website or social followers, such a resource-rich environment builds credibility and authoritativeness for YOU.

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What is content marketing?

What IS Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of those something olds that’s become new again. The phrase itself has only been coined recently but the practice has been happening for years – hundreds of years even! In fact, according to a recent infographic by Content Marketing World, the first instance might have been when Benjamin Franklin began publishing his annual Poor Richard’s Almanack to promote his printing business, circa 1732! No matter what your business or cause, you’ve undoubtedly been practicing some form of content marketing, or, at least you have the raw content assets to leverage...

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Made all the difference

Didi's marketing work definitely raised the company's profile in the industry and enhanced our reputation, which translated to real and substantive business results.

Sue Wolper President & CEO, Wolper Information Services


Didi's skills transfer easily to the nonprofit world and grantwriting: her strength as a writer, her digging for research to support a direction.

Adrian Shanker Founder & Executive Director, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Interesting facts

Some fascinating Who, What, Where, When & Why regarding content marketing and social media.

1732Year of 1st example of content marketing? Ben Franklin's Almanack, promoting his printing biz
67The % of Fortune 500 companies that have YouTube channels (2014)
117... Years ago: Introduction of The Michelin Guide for drivers - by the tire maker
94The % of buyers who conduct online research before deciding on a purchase