A photo gallery of my content marketing samples

The examples on this page represent a wide range of content types.

In every case, I was personally responsible for the research and writing.  In many cases, I had further responsibilities, including idea generation, project planning and/or management, creative collaboration with graphic designers and photographers, client interaction, promotion via social media, etc.

Strategically, these pieces were created to support the company/brand’s leadership position by offering high value, authentic information and to generate increased exposure and awareness.


Old and new technologies: photo of iPhone on turntable



About: This blog post responds to a library conference presentation on the challenges posed by disruptive technologies, common across industries including music and library services.

My responsibilities:  Conceiving, planning and, almost exclusively over 4+ years, writing the company blog


Wolper white paper on econtent - is it really greener?


About: The above report focuses on the emerging popularity of ejournals and digital magazines and whether, in fact, they are “greener” choices. Like the blog article on disruptive technologies, this report – by sharing valuable, non-salesy information – helped position the company as an industry thought leader.
My responsibilities: Conceiving of the topic, collaborating with a student intern on the research, writing the paper and getting it published in a leading industry trade journal

Gatorade advertorial



About: This was part of a series created in collaboration with Gatorade and its advertising agency promoting the benefits of hydration to readers of the sports magazines at Rodale, Inc.
My responsibilities: Involvement in the planning and production; writing all the text


Jeep advertorial cover



About: This was a multi-page custom unit showcasing Jeep vehicles in the outdoors, wrapped in images and text highlighting outdoor adventure destinations across the U.S.
My responsibilities: Participating in the high-level creative team at Backpacker magazine that conceived and pitched the idea, hired a name photographer and scheduled and coordinated the shoots


Jeep advertorial interior page



About: This is one of the interior pages of the Jeep “advertorial.”
My responsibilities: Researching and writing all content


Shimano advertorial


About: This is part of a multi-faceted co-marketing program promoting Shimano products and the company’s annual “Bike to Work” campaign to Bicycling magazine readers.  Besides the 2-page magazine spread this image represents, the program included a brochure that was inserted into custom logo’d water bottles distributed at select bike retailers during National Bike to Work Week.
My responsibilities: Serving as a leader on the team that conceived and brought this idea to life; also, writing all the content

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