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Recap of #AMAVCCC Keynote

Virtual Conference with Guy KawasakiBranding and digital media guru Guy Kawasaki was the keynote speaker for the AMA’s Virtual Conference last week on Customer Centricity: Building Lasting Connections. He addressed The Art of Social Media, and the use and impact social media optimization can have on customer acquisition, customer retention and customer “enchantment” (his upgrade on the traditional concept of customer satisfaction).

A serial supporter of startups, Kawasaki noted that he likes how social media makes it possible to interact with people in ways that could never be done before. Then he shared his

Top 10 rules for social media optimization:

#1 Perfect your perspective

Kawasaki used a comparison between eHarmony and Tinder to explain this one and says we’re competing in a Tinder world, where people make snap judgments based on quick, visual intake.

#2 Perfect your profile                       

Guy’s first rule leads naturally to the next. The images associated with your social profiles need to be of quality and geared toward certain goals. Your avatar, or profile image, he says, has 3 purposes: to make you appear likeable, trustworthy and competent. In practical terms, he advises that your avatar presents your face only, front lit, composed in an asymmetrical way, not straight on (read: boring). He also says you should be consistent using this image across all social media platforms.

Your cover photo or banner image (generally, the bigger, horizontal image across the top of your page) “is where you prove you’re interesting.” You’re attempting with this image to tell a simple story or narrative. The size should be optimized per the particular platform. And Kawasaki advises using something with a dark background, vs. light.

#3 Don’t buy followers

This one is simple. Though paid sources might escalate your follower numbers in short order, it’s inauthentic and subject to change based on social media’s ever-changing policies.

#4 Don’t abdicate to interns and agencies

Kawasaki rejected the impulse some people have to turn over all social media duties to “millennials” or junior staffers. “This,” he says, “is the lifeblood of marketing. Social media is synonymous with marketing nowadays. You’d never abdicate any other traditional media to an intern. Social media should be handled by people who work for the company and who love the company.” Outsiders or newbies are unable to offer information or a voice as emotional, intense or valuable as is required.

#5 Post good shit

“Google,” Kawasaki says, “is in the business of finding good shit, so you should be in the business of posting good shit – then let Google (and all the other algorithms) do what it does! Don’t try to trick Google into finding you, to game the system. Just post good shit.”

“Social media is fast, free and ubiquitous, and the best thing that’s ever happened to marketing and sales!” – Guy Kawasaki

#6 Add a picture or video to every post

Simple. For Kawasaki, he says doing so triples the interaction his posts get.

#7 Focus on Facebook

Kawasaki extols the virtues of Facebook, including fine-tuned targeting. So, he’s talking paid promotion, not just organic traffic. He says that while he’s active on all kinds of social networks, he gets by far the most value from Facebook. The next two channels he recommends focusing on, in order: LinkedIn (for businesses or brands) and Instagram (“for any business that can show beautiful pictures of their business”).

#8 Foster user-generated content

Encouraging users to post and participate on your social sites accomplishes two things: first, it makes customers feel appreciated and, second, it provides a great source of content (alleviating the need for you to create 100% of the material necessary “to feed the content monster”).

#9 Repeat your posts

Kawasaki says he repeats most of his Tweets 3 times, 8 hours apart – “because not everybody is up at the same time; it works across all timezones.” This is the same reason “CNN runs the same video every hour and ESPN runs the same 20 ‘plays of the day’.” You may get some complaints, he says, but you’ll gain a lot more than you lose.

#10 Perfect your shareability

Use tools and design features that make it easy for your visitors to share the content you produce. Otherwise, you’re undermining your social media optimization. “You want your customers to become your evangelists.”

Check back here in upcoming weeks for a follow-up article on How NOT To Do Social Media for Business.


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